Skin Health at Work Toolbox


 Download and customize awareness posters

Download What to do when you wear a mask poster in English and French

Download How to keep your hands healthy poster in English and French

 Read a plain-language synthesis of current research (updated August 2020)

 Complete e-learning module Work-Related Contact Dermatitis and You

 Download the hand dermatitis screening tool

 Download a tip sheet with general hand-care instructions

 Coming soon: A visual guide to help workers identify skin problems

 Coming soon: Links to occupational skin health resources

 ARTICLE: Promoting Skin Health at Work

✔ Resources for clinicians

About the Toolbox

The Skin Health at Work Toolbox is part of a multi-year initiative by CREOD to address the significant lack of awareness and prevention activities regarding occupational skin health. The initiative began with research to identify the needs of front-line occupational health and safety professionals regarding occupational disease. The need for consolidated skin health tools and resources that are easy to find and access was a common request. In response, this project’s focus is now on developing and making accessible evidence-based products and tools.

Most of the elements in the toolbox are being developed in partnership with one or more system partners. Each resource is being carefully piloted and then refined to ensure its effective use. In addition, wherever possible, flexibility to customize by sector or business setting is being incorporated. The toolbox also contains links to other organizations that have useful resources to materials related to skin health at work. Once complete, we will seek continual improvement based on user feedback and new research evidence, to ensure the products remain relevant and effective for years to come.

Is there a tool or research product you’d like to see here, that would help you promote skin health awareness at work? Let us know.