Awareness, Reporting & Recognition

Occupational injuries and diseases may be under-recognized and under-reported.  Lack of awareness may contribute to this problem.

A qualitative study to explore recognition and reporting of occupational disease was completed. An arts-based approach was included whereby two artists also participated in the focus groups and created their interpretation of the discussions in their art forms. 

The results of the qualitative analysis of the focus groups.

Howse D, Eakin J, House R, Holness DL.  Why is occupational disease under-reported?  Report to Research Advisory Council, Workplace Safety and Insurance Board, July 2009.

Susan Scott, an artist who works in cartoon format, created a game of snakes and ladders.

Another artist wrote a story reflecting what she had heard.  This story has been used in medical education.

Susan Scott also produced a summary of the overall study.