Dana Howse (PhD): Under-reporting of occupational disease
Dana is interested in the social relations of work and health – in particular, the reporting of occupational health problems. Her master’s work studied the quality of life impacts of occupational allergy and asthma to snow crab among processing workers in Newfoundland and Labrador. Her doctoral dissertation explores the social dimensions of compensation claims filing from the perspective of injured and ill workers. Dana recently worked as a research associate on a WSIB-funded CREOD study exploring the reporting and recognition of occupational disease. She is currently a research associate on a SSHRC-funded comparative study exploring the role of doctors in the compensation system in Quebec and Ontario. Dana has a B.A. (Hon), Psychology, Memorial University of Newfoundland (2001); a MASP (Masters of Applied Social Psychology), Memorial University of Newfoundland (2003), and is a doctoral student at the Dalla Lana School of Public Health, University of Toronto.



Sarah Saheed (MPH): Hand-Arm Vibration Syndrome


Victoria Arrandale (PhD): Lung-skin interactions
Victoria became attracted to the occupational health field when she was a student working as a scales and forklift operator in a British Columbia paper mill. Victoria is interested in the effects of occupational exposures on health outcomes and her research has mainly focused on asthma outcomes, including work-related asthma outcomes. For her Ph.D. she is studying on the connection between work-related allergic skin and respiratory disease. Victoria has a B.Sc., Biology, Simon Fraser (2003); M.Sc., Occupational Hygiene, University of British Columbia (2007); and is a doctoral student in Medical Science at the University of Toronto.


Marcos Ribeiro (Clinical Fellow)Occupational lung disease
Marcos’ main areas of clinical practice and research are occupational and environmental lung diseases, especially occupational asthma. Marcos holds an MD (1987) from the University of Santo Amaro, Sao Paulo, Brazil. Following his medical training, he completed a residency in respiratory medicine (1991) at University of Santo Amaro, Sao Paulo, Brazil. In addition to his clinical training, Marcos also holds an M.Sc. (1994) in Science (Respirology) and a Ph.D. (2002) in Science (Respirology) from the Federal University of Sao Paulo, Sao Paulo, Brazil. Marcos arrived in Canada in August of 2006 and was a Clinical Fellow in occupational asthma at the Division of Respirology (University of Toronto) until October 2009.  Marcos is currently a Clinical Fellow in occupational lung diseases at the Division of Occupational Medicine (University of Toronto).

Sarfaraz Ahmad (MHSc): Occupational contact dermatitis

Eva Andersen (PhD): Occupational lung disease

Ian Arnold: (MHSc): Effects of outdoor air pollution on outdoor workers, specifically construction workers

Chris Drudge (MHSc): Characterization of the microbial content of prefilters in room-based HEPA filtration units in hospital rooms intended for the isolation of patients infected/suspected to be infected with pathogenic micro organisms capable of airborne transmission

Negin Ghanavatian (MHSc): The home as a healthcare workplace

Ibrahim Khalil (MHSc): Occupational hygiene in the clinical setting: occupational disease

Agnieszka Kosny (PhD): The hazards of helping: mission, work and risk in nonprofit social service organizations

Tiffany Kwok (Medical Student): Occupational contact dermatitis

Kathryn Nichol (PhD): The organizational, environmental and individual factors that influence nurses’ decisions to use facial protection to prevent occupational transmission of communicable respiratory illness in acute care hospitals

Maya Obadia (MSc): Physician diagnosed asthma, respiratory and cutaneous symptoms, immunologic sensitization, and exposures among cleaners

Rachel Saldanha (MHSc): Comparative field assessment of fungal bioaerosol samplers

Michael Saleh (MHSc): Comparison of field sampling devices for inhalable aerosols

Charajnit Sandhu (Research Fellow): Lung-skin interactions

Monika Sharma (MSc): Fit testing for N95 respiratory protection programs in GTA hospitals.

Aaron Thompson (Meredith Research Fellow): Hand-Arm Vibration Syndrome