Current Trainees

Arlinda Ruco (PhD candidate): JHSC, occupation in EMR (2018-2022)

Sarah Svendsen (DMA Candidate): Workplace health of organists (2020-2022)

Meghia Roy (MPH): Workplace violence (2021)

Katherine Zagrodney (PhD): Facial protection (2021)

Past Trainees

Sarfaraz Ahmad (MHSc): Occupational contact dermatitis (200-2008)

Muna Ali (UG student): Multiple projects (2013-2015)

Huda Ameer (UG engineering student): Facial protection and COVID (2020-2021)

Ian Arnold: (MHSc): Effects of outdoor air pollution on outdoor workers (2007-2009)

Victoria Arrandale (PhD): Lung-skin interactions (2006-2013)

Lady Bolongaita (PhD): Impact of COVID on home care workers (2019-2021)

Diandra Budd (MSc(A)): HAVS (2016-2017)

Dianne Burrows (Medical student): Occupational skin disease (2012-2013)

Felix Chan (UG student): 3-D printers – health effects (2016-2018)

Brandon Chan-Lee (UG): Lung and lung-skin interactions (20XX)

Irene Chen (Medical student): Nail technicians (2014-2015/6)

Jennifer Chen (Medical student): RTW for HCW with hand dermatitis (2015-2016)

Habiba Choudhary (UG student): Occupational lung disease (2013-2014)

Meghan Clynick (Medical student): Occupational skin disease (2014-2015)

Emilia Cotter (UG student): Home healthcare (2017-2018)

Suman Dahl (MPH): HAVS and skin resources (2014-2015)

Sam DeKoven (Medical student): Nail technicians (2016-2017)

Chris Drudge (MHSc): Biological agents in health care (2007-2009)

Ameth Garrido (UG student): Cleaning agents – lung and skin (2019-2020)

Negin Ghanavatian (MHSc): The home as a healthcare workplace (2005-2006)

Simon Gotzev (Medical student): Occupational asthma (2015/6)

Adriana Greco (UG student): Dermatitis in home care (2018/9)

Tanya Gupta (MES): Prevention of occupational skin disease (2014-2015)

Marie-Claude Houle (Clinical and Research Fellow): Occupational dermatology (201-2012)

Dana Howse (PhD): Under-reporting of occupational disease,  (2005-2013)

Alexadra Hudson (Medical student): Custom patch testing (2015-2016)

Rad Janic (BEng): Workplace violence and JHSC (2018-2019)

Ibrahim Khalil (MHSc): Occupational hygiene in the clinical setting: occupational disease (2009)

Joanne Kim (UG student, MPH): Occupational skin disease, agriculture (2009-2013)

Agnieszka Kosny (PhD):  Work and risk in social service organizations (2004-2005)

Mark Kuprowski (UG student): Occupational lung disease (2009)

Rosemary Ku (MPH): Dermatitis in HCW (2016-2017/8)

Tiffany Kwok (Medical Student): Occupational contact dermatitis (2008)

Hilary Lederer (UG student): HAVS (2010-2011)

Ronald Li (UG student): Cleaning agents and asthma (2017-2018)

Joshua Lipszyc (UG Student): Occupational lung disease (2010, 2013-2019)

Stephanie Lovricevic (MPH): Occupational hygiene (2013-2014)

Alex Ma (Medical student): HAVS (2012-2014)

Kathryn Nichol (PhD): Facial protective equipment in HC (2005-2010)

Austin Nichol (UG student): Variety of projects (2017-2018)

Mohammed Noweir (MPH): Health care – biological agents (2012-2013)

Sabrina Nurmohamed (Medical student): Skin disease, health care (2013-2014)

Maya Obadia (MSc): Physician practice and lung and skin (2004)

Holly Opara (UG student): Facial protective equipment (2019-2020)

Marcos Ribeiro (Clinical Fellow): Occupational lung disease (2009)

Joshua Rosenblatt (UG student, MSc): Occupational lung disease (2009-2010, 2013-2014)

Michael Rozenbojm (MPH): Prevention in health care (2012-2015)

Sarah Saheed (MPH): HAVS (2010)

Rachel Saldanha (MHSc): Biological agents (2004-2005)

Michael Saleh (MHSc): Bioogical agents (2006-2008)

Sadaf Sanaat (MPH): nail technicians (2018-2019)

Charajnit Sandhu (Research Fellow): Lung-skin interactions (2009-2010)

Monika Sharma (MSc):  Respiratory protection (2004)

Ishita Siddiq (UG student): Occupational lung disease (2010)

Yishi Sun (Medical Student): Occupational asthma (2019-2020)

Aaron Thompson (Meredith Research Fellow): HAVS (2009-2010)

Michael Weisbrot (MPH): Occupational hygiene (2011)

Ashley Yu (Medical student): Custom patch testing (2016-2017)

Bethany Zack (MPH): Worker education for skin exposure (2015-2017)