How to diagnose and treat work-related asthma: key messages for clinical practice from the American college of chest physicians consensus statement.

Tarlo SM, Liss GM, Blanc PD.
Pol Arch Med Wewn. 2009 Oct;119(10):660-6.

ABSTRACT: Work-related asthma is common among adult asthmatics, either asthma initially caused by work (occupational asthma) or pre-existing asthma worsened by work factors (work-exacerbated asthma). Appropriate management depends on both correct diagnosis and on recognition of etiology. Following a systematic literature review, the American College of Chest Physicians enpaneled a group of experts that reviewed this material, extended the literature review, and developed a “Consensus Statement on the Diagnosis, and Management of Work-Related Asthma”, published in 2008. This article addresses the main practical aspects of that Consensus Statement, including clinical clues to diagnosis of work-related asthma from the medical history, exposure assessment, targeted diagnostic tests, and directed patient management. The range and importance of preventive measures are also addressed.

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