CR3 (CD11b/CD18) activation of nasal neutrophils: a measure of upper airway endotoxin exposure.

Seth R, Romaschin AD, Ribeiro M, Tarlo SM.
Biomarkers. 2009 Nov;14(7):473-9.

ABSTRACT: Inhaled endotoxin (lipopolysaccharide, LPS) initiates an inflammatory response and leads to the expression of CR3 (CD11b/CD18) receptors on polymorphonuclear leukocytes (PMNs). We determined if PMN activation in nasal lavage fluid (NLF) is a possible biomarker of occupational endotoxin exposure. Seven subjects exposed to endotoxin provided NLF samples that were split into three aliquots (negative control–1 M nicotinamide; sham; positive control–11 etag of exogenous LPS) and PMN activation was measured using a chemiluminometer. Differences in mean PMN activation were apparent, negative control: 548 +/- 15.65 RLU 100 microl(-1); sham: 11469 +/- 2582 RLU 100 microl(-1); positive control: 42026 +/- 16659 RLU 100 microl (n = 7; p <0.05). This technique shows promise as a diagnostic method for measuring upper airway LPS exposure.

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