An ATS/ERS report: 100 key questions and needs in occupational asthma.

Tarlo SM, Malo JL; ATS/ERS.
Eur Respir J. 2006 Mar;27(3):607-14.

ABSTRACT: The second Jack Pepys Workshop on Occupational Asthma was held in Toronto, Canada, in May 2004. The present report summarises key questions and research needs as identified by the international participants. The audiotapes from the workshop discussions were summarised by the organising chairs of the Symposium and the resulting document was circulated for input from all invited workshop participants. In total, 100 key questions and research needs were identified. Identified needs included: provision of different definitions depending on the use of data; explanations for differences in frequency studies; and better characterisation of genetic and environmental determinants of occupational asthma. The role of irritants and the pathogenesis of various forms of work-related asthma need further research, and there are also questions and research needs for diagnosis, prevention and understanding of persistence and airway remodelling. In conclusion, although advances have been made in the understanding of occupational asthma and other work-related asthma, further key issues remain that need addressing.