Patch testing for auto mechanics

The objectives of the study were the compare the clinical features and patch test results of auto mechanics and machinists and propose additional allergens to be included on a mechanics tray.
A retrospective chart review was conducted of all mechanics and machinists evaluated between 2002 and 2005 i

Systematic review of treatment and prevention of contact dermatitis

As background for the Dermatitis Program of Care, we conducted a systematic review of the literature on contact dermatitis to aid in the provision of evidence-based recommendations. Forty nine studies met inclusion criteria.

Physician occupational disease practice survey

Our objective was to understand practice patterns, barriers to early recognition, and educational needs for family practitioners and dermatologists in Ontario. We developed a survey (based on the literature and interviews with dermatologists and family practitioners), and then used it to survey all

Stakeholder survey of return-to-work barriers for workers with hand dermatitis

Our goal was to identify and learn more about RTW barriers for workers with CD. For this study, we surveyed 21 occupational health and safety personnel during an occupational health and safety research conference. The participants were presented with 3 pictures of varying degrees of work-related han

Patient perception of the value of the clinical encounter

The objectives of the study were to explore health service utilization and perceived helpfulness of care for patients with possible work-related contact dermatitis. Patients attending the OHC at SMH over a two month period were surveyed to collect information related to health service utilization an

Workplace screening for hand dermatitis in the health care setting

Our goal was to determine the feasibility of screening in the health care sector to identify workers with hand dermatitis. 139 hospital personnel visiting an Employee Health Unit over a six week period in February and March 2002 were surveyed using a self-administered questionnaire. Hand examination

Outcomes in contact dermatitis

We were interested in learning more about outcomes (disease-related, functional, and quality of life) for workers following a diagnosis of WRCD; the return to work process (including the roles of the injured worker, employer, health care providers, and others), and any workplace modifications made t

Cutaneous problems related to glove use in health care workers

The objective of the study was to determine the prevalence of irritant and allergic contact dermatitis and contact urticaria in health care workers presenting with hand dermatitis thought to be related to glove use. Retrospective chart review of 55 workers with abstraction of clinical information an

WSIB dermatitis claims file review

The objective of the study was to review the medical information in a compensation claim file and determine the associations between available information and decisions. Fifty WSIB dermatitis claim files were abstracted in 1998.

Follow-up study of dental workers with removal of latex exposure

The objective of the study was to determine if the change to non-powered latex gloves led to a decrease in latex sensitivity in dental school staff and students. A survey was conducted including a questionnaire and skin prick testing to natural rubber latex extract. And results compared to a similar