Biologic Hazards

Communiols E-H: new polyketide metabolites from the coprophilous fungus Podospora communis.

Che Y, Araujo AR, Gloer JB, Scott JA, Malloch D. J Nat Prod. 2005 Mar;68(3):435-8. ABSTRACT: Communiols E-H (1-4), four new polyketide-derived natural products containing furanocyclopentane, furanocyclopentene, cyclopentene, or gamma-lactone moieties, have been isolated from two geographically

Workplace health and safety concerns in service organizations in the inner city.

Holness DL, Somerville S, Kosny A, Gadeski J, Mastandrea JJ, Sinclair GM. J Urban Health. 2004 Sep;81(3):489-97. There is little known about occupational health and safety concerns or programs in workplaces in the inner city. This work was part of a needs assessment for development of occupational h

Genotypic variation in Penicillium chrysogenum from indoor environments.

Scott J, Untereiner WA, Wong B, Straus NA, Malloch D. Mycologia. 2004 Sep-Oct;96(5):1095-105. ABSTRACT: We examined 198 isolates of P. chysogenum recovered from 109 houses in Wallaceburg, Ontario, and 25 culture collection isolates including seven ex-type strains. Multilocus genotypes were determine

The Ajellomycetaceae, a new family of vertebrate-associated Onygenales.

Untereiner WA, Scott JA, Naveau FA, Sigler L, Bachewich J, Angus A. Mycologia. 2004 Jul-Aug;96(4):812-21. ABSTRACT: Phylogenies inferred from the analysis of DNA sequence data have shown that the Onygenales contains clades that do not correspond with previously described families. One lineage i

Determination of keratin degradation by fungi using keratin azure.

Scott JA, Untereiner WA. Med Mycol. 2004 Jun;42(3):239-46. ABSTRACT: Azure dye-impregnated sheep’s wool keratin (keratin azure) was incorporated in a high pH medium and overlaid on a keratin-free basal medium. The release and diffusion of the azure dye into the lower layer indicated produ

Stakeholder survey of return-to-work barriers for workers with hand dermatitis

Our goal was to identify and learn more about RTW barriers for workers with CD. For this study, we surveyed 21 occupational health and safety personnel during an occupational health and safety research conference. The participants were presented with 3 pictures of varying degrees of work-related han