Linn Holness, Director Occupational MedicineSt. Michael’s Hospital; University of Toronto – PubMed

Paul Bozek – Occupational HygieneUniversity of TorontoPubMed

Paul Corey – Biostatistics – University of Toronto – PubMed

Joel DeKoven Dermatology Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre; St. Michael’s Hospital; University of TorontoPubMed

Ron House Occupational Medicine University of Toronto; St. Michael’s HospitalPubMed

Irena Kudla Occupational Hygiene St. Michael’s HospitalPubMed

Gary Liss Occupational Medicine University of TorontoPubMed

Kathryn NicholOccupational Hygiene; NursingUniversity Health NetworkUniversity of TorontoPubMed

Andrea Sass-Kortsak Occupational Hygiene University of TorontoPubMed

James Scott Microbiology University of TorontoPubMed

Jeremy Scott Respirology University of Toronto; St. Michael’s HospitalPubMed

Frances Silverman Respiratory Physiology University of Toronto; St. Michael’s HospitalPubMed

Sandy Skotnicki-Grant Dermatology Women’s College Hospital; St. Michael’s HospitalPubMed

Sharon Switzer-McIntyre Physiotherapy University of TorontoPubMed

Susan Tarlo Respirology; Allergy and Immunology University Health Network; St. Michael’s Hospital; University of TorontoPubMed

Aaron Thompson – Occupational Medicine – University of Toronto; St. Michael’s HospitalPubMed

Dave Verma Occupational Hygiene McMaster UniversityPubMed


Sharon Abel Hearing Conservation Defence Research and Development Canada; University of Toronto

Dorcas Beaton Occupational Therapy St. Michael’s Hospital; University of Toronto

Stephen Betschel Allergy and Immunology St. Michael’s Hospital; University of Toronto

Joan Eakin Sociology University of Toronto

Ted Haines Occupational Medicine; Epidemiology McMaster University

Roland Hosein Occupational Hygiene University of Toronto

Diane Lougheed Respirology Kingston General Hospital; Queen’s University

Allison McGeer Infectious Disease Mount Sinai Hospital; University of Toronto

Rosemary Nixon Dermatology University of Melbourne, Australia

Melanie Pratt Dermatology The Ottawa Hospital; University of Ottawa

Denis Sasseville Dermatology Royal Victoria Hospital; McGill University

Teresa To Epidemiology Hospital for Sick Children

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