Joint Health and Safety Committee Program of Research

CREOD has led a series of studies investigating the effectiveness of Joint Health and Safety Committees. A poster has been developed to share the genesis of this program of research and its early journey.

Results from the initial studies have been published

Nichol K, Kudla I, Manno M, McCaskell L, Sikorski J, Holness DL. Form and function of joint health and safety committees in Ontario acute care hospitals. Healthcare Quarterly 2009;12:86-92.

Holness DL, Hayes L, Nichol K, Kudla I, Nincic V. Joint health and safety committees – what is their impact in the acute care hospital. Work 2016;53:763-773.

Nichol K, Kudla I, Robson L, Hon C-Y, Holness DL. The development and testing of a tool to assess joint health and safety committee functioning and effectiveness. Am J Ind Med. 2017;60:368-376.

We have tested the JHSC assessment tool in the education sector.


Based on findings from this series of investigations, an interactive web-based tool to assess JHSC effectiveness has been developed that is relevant for both multi-workplace and single-workplace JHSCs. English and French versions of the web-based tool are available.

Access Etool

JHSC Assessment Tool – English
CMSS Outil d'évaluation – Français