Advisory Committee


Dr. Linn Holness
Director, Gage Occupational & Environmental Health Unit and CREOD

Dr. Ray Copes
Director, Ontario Agency for Health Protection and Promotion

Dr. Paul Demers
Director, Occupational Cancer Research Centre (OCRC)

Mr. Alec Farquhar
Director, Office of the Worker Advisor

Dr. Leon Genesove
Manager and Chief Physician, Occupational Health and Safety Branch, Ontario Ministry of Labour

Mr. Gerry Le Blanc
Department Leader, Health, Safety and Environment, United Steelworkers

Ms. Lisa McCaskell
Senior Health & Safety Officer, Ontario Public Service Employees Union

Ms. Marjorie Mercer
Vice President, Occupational Disease, Workplace Safety & Insurance Board

Ms. Sandra Miller
Vice-President Innovation and Knowledge Mobilization, Workplace Safety & Prevention Services

Dr. Kathryn Nichol
Senior Director Practice-Based Research and Innovation, University Health Network and Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre

Ms. Monica Szabo
Executive Director, Government, Education and Public Safety, Public Services Health and Safety Association


Ms. Patti Boucher

Dr. Tony Culyer

Mr. Hal De Lair

Mr. Steve Jackson

Ms. Margaret Keatings

Mr. Fergus Kerr

Mr. Bob Norman

Ms. Alice Peter

Mr. Otto Peter

Dr. Jean-Yves Savoie

Ms. Maureen Shaw

Ms. Joseline Sikorski

Dr. Terrance Sullivan