General Occupational Disease and Cross-Cutting Themes

CREOD Research Flash – November 2018

In 2016 the Ministry of Labour in Ontario recognized occupational disease as a priority for prevention. This decision resulted from years of research and knowledge generation along with the lobbying efforts of workers’ groups and occupational physicians and nurses in the province. Of specific conc

An evidence-based evaluation & discussion tool for Ontario hospital JHSCs

Purpose: To provide a guide for Joint Health and Safety Committee (JHSC) members to follow when evaluating the effectiveness of their committee. Download a printable PDF Download the tool Results of the study Kathryn Nichol, Linn Holness, Irena Kudla, Lynda Robson, Chun-Yip Hon, Helen Kelly, Stephan

Going beyond words to increase prevention awareness

Download a printable PDF of this summary Linn Holness, Janet Parsons, Chris McKillop, Janet Brown, Hal DeLair, Susan Scott  Issue: The Ministry of Labour has identified vulnerable workers, including immigrant workers, as a group at increased risk of work-related injury and disease. Work by the Bram

Form and function of joint health and safety committees in Ontario acute care hospitals.

Nichol K, Kudla I, Manno M, McCaskell L, Sikorski J, Holness DL. Healthc Q. 2009;12(2):86-93. Even though joint health and safety committees (JHSCs) have been in existence in Ontario workplaces for almost 30 years and healthcare workers are at high risk for workplace injury, there has been little re