Quality of life in patients with latex allergy.

Al-Otaibi S, Tarlo SM, House R. Occup Med (Lond). 2005 Mar;55(2):88-92. Epub 2005 Feb 8. BACKGROUND: Exposure to natural rubber latex (NRL) may lead to a variety of allergic clinical manifestations that may affect the quality of life (QOL). AIM: To assess QOL of patients with different clinical effe

Twelve-year survey of fatal reactions to allergen injections and skin testing: 1990-2001.

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Health care services use by workers with work-related contact dermatitis.

Holness DL. Dermatitis. 2004 Mar;15(1):18-24. BACKGROUND: There is little information in the literature regarding the use of health care services by workers with occupational contact dermatitis. OBJECTIVE: The objective of the study was to describe the use of health care services by workers with occ

Return-to-work barriers for workers with contact dermatitis.

Holness DL. Contact Dermatitis. 2003 Dec;49(6):273-5. There is little information available regarding barriers to return-to-work (RTW) in workers with contact dermatitis. The purpose of this study was to survey occupational health and safety personnel to determine their perceptions regarding RTW bar